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Love is King

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Friday, November 5, 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Join decorated Veteran and fly-fishing activist Chad Brown and Eva’s Wild founder,Mark Titus in an intimate virtual fireside chat. Brown served in the US Navy in Desert Storm and Desert Shield in the Gulf War, and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia. He struggles with PTSD but treats it by immersing himself in the wilderness—and has used that to influence his life’s work; serving as a conduit for others to discover the healing power of nature. Through narrative and pictures, Chad will share how his PTSD has been transformed by immersion in the natural world and how he is now empowering BIPOC folks to heal themselves and take agency in the wilds.

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Social Justice, Relationship with Land, Truth & Storytelling, Health & Healing, Allyship/Activism, Cultural Transformation
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Chad is a decorated US Navy veteran who served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield in the Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia. Chad struggles today with PTSD but treats it with immersing himself in the wilderness. He’s carried that work forward into his life work of serving as a conduit for others to discover the unlimited healing power of nature. Chad’s an accomplished documentary style portrait photographer, creative director, adventurer, conservationist, and founder/president of Soul River Inc., and Love is King - both non-profit organizations.
Chad Brown
In 2006, Mark founded August Island Pictures in Seattle and learned the craft of storytelling by writing and directing brand films for clients like: Amazon, Microsoft, The Nature Conservancy, T-Mobile and the United Nations Development Programme. As a filmmaker, Mark Titus has directed and produced short films since 2003. In 2014 Mr. Titus helmed The Breach – an award-winning feature documentary about wild salmon. In 2020, Mark Titus launched impact brand, Eva's Wild concurrent to the release of his newest award-winning feature documentary, The Wild, which examines the fate of Bristol Bay, Alaska. In early 2021, Mark launched a new podcast, Save What You Love. Through his broadcasting and storytelling, Mark carries the message that humanity has an inherent need for wildness - and to fulfill that need we have a calling to protect wild places and wild things. You can find all of Mark’s current projects at www.evaswild.com.
Mark Titus