Community Agreements

The Festival of What Works is committed to creating a space that is safe for everyone to participate. These agreements are guidelines for us to all show up in a way that honors everyone in this event and creates learning opportunities. 

Look for your place in the quilt - Everyone holds a unique patch in the quilt of the collective ‘we’ and the conversation taking place. Be aware of the spaces in between the patches so the weaving can happen.

People’s lived experiences and identities are not up for debate - Acknowledge and respect a person’s individuality, truth, and identity.

Be Kind, Not Nice - Communicate with care. Prioritize being kind and direct in your conversations more than being “nice”. This allows us to move through uncomfortable topics rather than avoid them.

Brave Space - Encouraging courageous vulnerability to help others feel at ease in sharing their truth. Find your edges, stretch and breath into the discomfort.

Step up, Step back; Time is power - There is time and space for every voice to be heard. If you are shy, see this as an opportunity to shine more. If you’re often in the spotlight, allow space for others to chime in.

Speak from”I” statements - Please speak from your own experience and avoid speaking for others.

Call in often, call out when essential - Each individual’s truths are valid and different. Lovingly and gently educate each other about potentially problematic behavior; if it escalates interruption and direct communication is encouraged.

Don’t Assume Intent - Each person has a different perspective, ask clarifying questions if you’re not sure what they mean.

Acknowledge the difference between Intent and Impact - Be willing to accept that the impact of your actions may have been different than your intention. If your actions cause harm, apologize, no need to explain or context.

Listen to your body and take care of yourself especially if you’re triggered - Friendly reminder that your body is always living in the present moment, if it’s experiencing something that takes your mind away from the dialogue, take the space you need for yourself to re-center.

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