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Conservation Conversations: Indigenous Women In Conservation 

Date & Time
Sunday, November 7, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Two Indigenous women who have led conservation efforts across Salmon Nation discuss the importance of mentorship and friendship, inter-community dialogue, trust and collaborative actions in their work. They will share their experiences of navigating conservation spaces as Indigenous women within projects they work on, ranging from food and water security, citizen science, direct action and activism, and Indigenous land guardianship. Audience members will discover lessons shared from these journeys, and can participate in a Q&A following the discussion.

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Restoration/Conservation, Food & Agriculture, Climate Justice, Relationship with Land, Indigenous Teaching
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Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack) is an indigenous advocate for human rights and environmental protection. She is a mom and traditional harvester educated on the land and has a Master's degree in Communications. Nuskmata was actively involved in the emergency response to the 2014 Mt. Polley Mine Disaster in her motherland of Secwepemculewc and is currently a lead strategist and spokesperon on mining issues in Nuxalkulmc (Sovereign Nuxalk Lands & Waters).
Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack)
Melanie Brown is Unangan and Yup'ik from her Mother's family and Iñupiaq from her Father's family. Salmon have taught her the importance of foodways and how food can help people find common ground. When she is able to bring this cultural relevance to her work, that is when she feels that she is truly touching people's hearts and minds in her organizing work with SalmonState.
Melanie Brown