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Cooking with Annita

Date & Time
Saturday, November 6, 2021, 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

One of our favourite sessions at the 2020 Festival, Cooking with Annita is the opportunity to learn a favorite Indigenous dish from a former three-term president of the Tahltan Nation in British Columbia, and a National Native Role Model. Annita grew up in her village of Telegraph Creek learning traditional Indigenous cooking and harvesting from her mom and aunties: snaring rabbits, cooking moose, picking berries and fishing with her family. She is deeply passionate about educating people about sustainable food supply, and preserving culture through Indigenous culinary experiences. Learn more, discover a favourite new recipe, and enjoy a heartful demonstration.

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Food & Agriculture, Indigenous Teaching, Education
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Annita McPhee is from the Tahltan Tlingit Nations located in Northwestern British Columbia. She served three terms as President of the Tahltan Central Council, and is recipient of numerous awards for her vision and leadership, including The Leadership Award from Ecotrust for her work in saving the Sacred Headwaters, and Indigenous National Native Role Model. She serves as Advisor and Director on several national and provincial boards including the Legal Services Society, Vancouver Board of Trade’s Aboriginal Affairs Committee, BC Hydro's Strategic Aboriginal Engagement Committee and the Minister of Aboriginal Relations Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women among others. She founded Annita Mcphee Strategies in 2015, quickly establishing the organization as a leading conference provider and community facilitator for First Nations, Indigenous women, industry and governmental bodies.She holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Social Work, and recently earned her diploma in International Human Rights and Advocacy with the United Nations Indigenous Women's Global Leadership School in New York.
Annita McPhee