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Decentralized Technology

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Thursday, November 4, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

With ubiquitous smartphones, blockchain technology, robotics, AI, renewable energy, and more, we are surrounded by ever-accelerating exponential technologies. How do we use these and other technologies, not as an ends-in-themselves or as a means to concentrate wealth, but as decentralized technology tools that can help us to live in deeper harmony with our communities, the land, and our natural ecosystems? In this session, we will explore what’s working at the intersection of decentralized technology tools, place, and natural systems.

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Food & Agriculture, Relationship with Land, Innovation/Technology
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Tom is an environmental & social scientist with a successful track record in regenerative investment over the last 15 years as a fund manager in Asia-Pacific. He built up and IPO’d AgriTech & FinTech ventures growing market cap to $310M. Worked with Nintendo and HP (contractor) on market entry strategy, growth hacking and UI/UX acceptance testing in Asia-Pacific Markets.
He is the CEO & Founder of Earthbanc, the world’s leading AI-driven sustainable finance API platform with cutting edge carbon and ESG products. Venture backed by the European Space Agency business incubator, EIT Climate-KIC Nordic Accelerator, European Institute for Innovation & Technology, European and USA based regenerative focused VCs and a $1B Impact Investment fund.
He co-authored the 500+ page book ‘Land Restoration’ along with a cohort of thought leaders and practitioners in the regenerative agriculture movement. Tom co-wrote ‘Regenerating Agriculture to Sustain Civilization’ with Allan Savory of the Savory Institute, Founder of Holistic Management frameworks. The two thought leaders converged scenarios and strategies to avoid civilizational collapse.
Tom Duncan
Gabi Jubran is a community weaver, systems thinker and cultural storyteller devoted to the shift from a system built on extraction to one designed for regeneration. He seeks to unify social movements around a shared purpose of serving our individual and collective well-being. He is passionate about bridging cultures and generations through a common language leading to shared understanding. He is Founder/Executive Director of HAPPI (Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally) which intends to cultivate healthy communities that help parents and kids be present, be themselves and be happi. His work was inspired by watching his toddler niece playing with an iPad and his experience of burnout working in Silicon Valley. Along this journey he co-founded Digital Wellness Collective which focuses on enhancing human relationships through the intentional use and design of technology. Currently, he is developing a curriculum for Self-Parenting so that we can balance being an adult while embracing the kid that lives in each of us. His dream is to co-create the infrastructure and culture to help people feel at home wherever they are.
Gabi Jubran
Clare is an eco-social entrepreneur and movement artist whose mission is channeling resources to healing. As a Core Steward at Terran Collective, Clare builds systems and tools for a regenerative future, including Hylo, the coordination platform for a thriving planet. She has worked in architecture, refugee resettlement, yoga, nutrition, and regenerative agriculture contributing her skills in design, communications, and software engineering. She is creating a future where humans remember our destiny as responsible stewards of the Earth, living in reciprocal partnership with the land and the more-than-human community.
Clare Politano
Revathi Kollegala is an ethical technologist with a focus on digital and social inclusion believing in the power of collective systems. She is passionate about sustainable living and draws on personal experiences of cross-cultural living to tackle the climate emergency while creating a more joyous and more equitable world.
Revathi Kollegala

Moderated By

Edward is an entrepreneur with a background in engineering, product design, and sustainability. He has a passion for directing capital toward, as well as creating technology and infrastructure to enable a world that works for everyone.

He is the founder of Hylo, a collaboration platform for purpose driven networks. Prior to Hylo, he built co-founded Mission Motors, a high-performance electric motorcycle and electric powertrain company, and Impact Hub Oakland, a community center and coworking space in Oakland.

Along the way, he has created curriculum and taught entrepreneurship at Presidio Graduate School and California College of the Arts’ Sustainable MBA Programs. He is an advisor and director of multiple companies and startup accelerators in renewable energy, software, blockchain, and fintech.

He is a long-time student and practitioner of Zen and Vajrayana Buddhism, as well as South American and African indigenous spiritual lineages.
Edward West