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Indigenous Land Use Planning

Date & Time
Friday, November 5, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Tara Marsden is a Senior Indigenous Advisor to the Healthy Watersheds Initiative. A member of the Gitanyow First Nation, she has spent most of her life in Northern BC in the Skeena and Nass Watersheds. She will speak to the importance of Indigenous Land Use Planning—what it is, how it can be implemented across Salmon Nation, and the myriad benefits it holds. This is a tested, proven practical approach to complex problems, helping to support watershed restoration and health and mitigate climate change. Discover why Indigenous approaches to land use planning are essential for the health of our ecosystems and our communities.

Feel free to follow up with Tara for more info by emailing her at Tara.Marsden@gitanyowchiefs.com

For more information on Tara's work, check out the website for Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs.

View HA NII TOKXW: OUR FOOD TABLE, a documentary about the story of the indigenous Gitanyow people and their struggle to protect their traditional lands and "food table" in the face of climate change, industrialization and colonization in Northern British Columbia.

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Restoration/Conservation, Resources, Food & Agriculture, Relationship with Land, Indigenous Teaching
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Tara Marsden is a member of Gitanyow First Nation, and holds the traditional name Naxginkw. Tara has a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Northern BC. Over her 20-year career, Tara has worked for a number of First Nations, ENGOs, philanthropic organizations, post-secondary institutions, the provincial government, and the BC Forest Practices Board. Most recently, Tara spent 9 years as the Wilp Sustainability Director for the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs implementing the Gitanyow Lax’yip Land Use Plan and other sustainable development policies. Currently, Tara is the Senior Indigenous Advisor for the Healthy Watersheds Initiative, as well as Sole Proprietor for her own consulting business Hlimoo Sustainable Solutions.
Tara Marsden