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Collage as a Love Letter: Combining Arts and Commercial Salmon Trolling in Southeast Alaska 

Date & Time
Friday, November 5, 2021, 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

Award-winning interdisciplinary artist Sarah Campen will share a 2-3-min teaser, discuss her creative process, and field questions about her forthcoming film, Meant To Be Out There (working title). The work explores and celebrates the connections between water, salmon, and fishermen in Lingit Aani (Southeast Alaska) through story-telling and the dancing of movements of fishermen involved in the commercial salmon troll fishery. Sarah will describe how this unique film is her “love letter” to Southeast Alaska/Lingit Aani, to wild salmon, and to a salmon-centered way of life that she and so many Southeast Alaskans cherish and fight to protect. There will be an opportunity for Q&A.

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Session Type
Project Spotlight
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Salmon, Resources, Relationship with Land, Art
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Sarah Campen is an Alaskan interdisciplinary artist working in the mediums of dance/movement, installation, and audio storytelling. Campen develops collaborative performances exploring the complexities of human communication and connections between people and place. Her community development work facilitates community-based solutions to natural resource concerns. Campen grew up in Sitka and on Killisnoo Island. She now makes her home on Taas Daa (Lemesurier Island) in Icy Strait, within Xunaa Káawu. A lifelong Alaskan, Campen is committed to utilizing the arts as a means to celebrate and strengthen the life and culture of Alaska.
Sarah Campen