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Money and Transformation

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

By developing a conscious relationship to money, we have the opportunity to better understand our personal psychology—and how we can create regenerative, equitable futures. These practitioners, all members of the Guild of Future Architects, will guide registrants through an exploration of what value creation and exchange can look like in the 21st century and beyond. This is a session ideal for systems-thinking change-makers, forward-looking philanthropists and impact investors. It will be beneficial for those interested in a deep analysis of our individual and collective relationship to money—and how we can connect this to stewardship and planning.

This session has limited space and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please arrive on time to ensure you will have access. 

This session is participatory and will include breakout groups for discussion. 

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Truth & Storytelling, Health & Healing, Money


M. RAKO FABIONAR is an educator, changemaker and mystic who creates transformative learning environments for people to experience deeper connection, insight, and well-being. He is sought after for his healing presence and capacity to support people during times of transition. Rako has over twenty years of experience designing equity and inclusion initiatives and integrative leadership programs for universities, community-based organizations, businesses, and change networks. He believes that systemic change requires engaging individual and collective shadow, and especially those traumas that persist from generation to generation. To support this kind of transformational work, Rako draws from developmental psychology, indigenous and other wisdom traditions, as well as insights from ethnic studies and regenerative design. He is the co-founder of Kinship Blooms, a social enterprise that draws from translineage insights (ancestral, cultural, intellectual and spiritual) to cultivate regenerative and equitable futures.
Rako is a founding Raven of Salmon Nation and a founding member of the Guild of Future Architects. He also stewards healing and transformative initiatives through the Center for Babaylan Studies, How We Deepen and Retreat Center Collaboration networks.
You can learn more about his work at www.kinshipblooms.life and www.rako.life.
M. Rako Fabionar
Jordan Luftig is Co-Director of the nonprofit institute Kinship Blooms and Senior Advisor at the investment advisory firm and innovation lab JumpScale. An Integral Master Coach, Jordan also works independently with clients and trains leaders and facilitators as an Associate of Ten Directions. Jordan has cross-sectoral experience in human development and transformative change through past roles as liberal arts professor, foundation officer, nonprofit manager, and social entrepreneur. He is a founding member of the Guild of Future Architects and a passionate advocate of a future human civilization that flowers from the interwoven soil of consciousness, intersectionality, and commoning paradigms.
Jordan Luftig
Robyn Cornish is an operations designer, facilitator, and social entrepreneur working to bring healing through transformative experiences in nature and in conversation. Robyn began her career scaling social enterprise start-ups, advising chosen family offices on operational procedures, and connecting impact investors to social entrepreneurs. An ocean-activist and Scuba Dive Master, Robyn brings the ocean’s ecosystems stories to those above the surface, informing her facilitation work on land.
Robyn Cornish
Donna Morton is an artist, activist and entrepreneur. She is currently an entrepreneur-in-residence building the Salmon Nation Network. She is a co-founder and former CEO of Change Finance, which created the first 100% fossil free and high social justice ETF. Morton is an Ashoka, Ogunte and Unreasonable Fellow and lifelong serial entrepreneur who has landed innovations in finance, economics, clean energy and policy. She has worked on climate justice for over 35 years from Greenpeace to Wall street.
Donna Morton