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Traditional Tea Time in            Lingit Aani

Date & Time
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

This session will include a demonstration of how to prepare traditional, Indigenous teas, in addition to a discussion about the relationship between Indigenous plant knowledge, storytelling, and culture. Trixie will share more about the powerful stories we learn from plants, and how they can help us to recognize the strength from our elders and ancestors, including two of her own favourite lessons from Tlingit legends and leaders. Audiences will also learn more about how interconnected the loss of Indigenous land is to loss of food knowledge, and what this means for current and future generations. This skills demonstration is just one of the ways to harness, and share, lessons that would otherwise be lost from communities blighted by colonialism. This will be an immersive, powerful, and eye-opening demonstration with the opportunity for Q&A.

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Relationship with Land, Truth & Storytelling, Health & Healing, Indigenous Teaching, Plants as Medicine
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Trixie Kalkins-Bennett was born and raised in Wrangell, Alaska, Lingit Aani. She is a Raven-Frog member of the Kaach.ádi clan -- the clan of her mother, Minnie Evangeline -- of the Shtax’heen Kwaan of the Tlingit Nation. Trixie’s dad is Tahltan and from Telegraph Creek, B.C. Trixie is a tribal leader for Ketchikan Indian Community, as well as a “Salmon Speaker” and a featured storyteller in When the Salmon Spoke. She’s also the owner of Trixie’s Tongass Tonics -- a small startup in Ketchikan, Alaska, that seeks to share with the world the healing magic of plants as foods and medicine.
Trixie Kalkins-Bennett