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There are two questions we’ll ask you, and you can answer either one, or both.

  1. What’s Your Salmon Story? - Contribute your voice to an ongoing project we’re working on called Salmon Stories. If we select your story to be part of our collection, we will be in touch to offer a $50 honorarium. We will release it in 2022 as part of a huge collection of personal narratives from across the bioregion that support the understanding that the fight for wild salmon is about much more than fish: it’s about culture, community, livelihood, sustainability, life. We want to hear from you - whether you’re a “salmon person” or not, whether you live and breathe fish or admire them from afar… 
  2. What is your festival feedback? - Let us know how the Festival has been, how we’re doing, and how you’re doing!

If you need any support, shoot us a note at info@festivalofwhat.works